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Crowdfunding is a way of raising finance by asking a number of individuals to invest money in your business.

There are a number of online platforms that enable a business or individual to raise finance this way.

Wake up to Export

For those of you on the periphery of export and particularly for those yet to try, the best time to export is …. NOW!

I’m going to give you some common responses I get when I suggest exporting to companies; followed by reasons you shouldn’t be saying the same…

Jacob O’Brien is a solicitor specialising in commercial and intellectual property issues with leading North West law firm Brabners.

Here he offers advice on protecting your business.

Is my business right for private equity?

Venture capital funding, or Private Equity (PE) as it is often known, is where an external investor buys a stake in a business from the existing owners.

There are various forms of venture capital or PE funding for different phases of a company's development including:

Q & A: Introducing Andy Jones

Andy Jones is an investment manager who oversees loans to start ups and established businesses.

What sort of businesses are you working with at the moment?
Microbrewery, events and catering, motor breakdown provider, Premier League licensed wall art producer, skip hire/waste management.

Q & A: Introducing Simon Thelwall-Jones

Simon is an MSIF investment director who oversees our larger loans and equity investments.

What sort of businesses are you working with at the moment?
I am working with businesses operating in a range of sectors including, construction, health & wellbeing, recycling and tourism.

It's 2017, It's Time To Start Networking

Lisa Greenhalgh, COO. “If your business comes from relationships, make relationships your business.”

Networking isn’t just about fun events, it’s a vital part to growing your business and building relationships and contacts that will help your organization to flourish.

Welcome To The MSIF Blog!

Happy new year and welcome to our new blog! We’re kicking 2017 off by providing all of our clients and visitors with a space that we will fill with top tips, trends and business insights from our insightful investment team here at MSIF.

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