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  • Andy Jones

    Andy Jones

    Investment Manager

    Andy Jones is an Investment Manager, working with the team to provide funding to start-ups and established businesses.

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Andy Jones is an investment manager who oversees loans to start ups and established businesses.

What sort of businesses are you working with at the moment?
Microbrewery, events and catering, motor breakdown provider, Premier League licensed wall art producer, skip hire/waste management.

Which businesses have you recently backed and what did they need funding for?
Thai restaurant to establish the restaurant, Japanese restaurant to establish the restaurant, Italian food and wine importer to provide an increased range of stock and widen their market.

Are you seeing any particular trends at the moment eg. sectors?
Food and drink establishments are still prominent, although expansion across a lot of other sectors is being seen too

What advice would you give to a business seeking funding to help speed up the investment process?
To work with their accountant and/or finance professional to ensure that the projections put forward are accurate, realistic and prove that any loan can be serviced. To always provide assumptions alongside the numbers in the forecasts.

How did the businesses you are working with get introduced to you?
Existing MSIF customers looking to expand, existing MSIF customers recommending us to others, Santander and Access to Finance NW. It’s always nice to see customers coming back to us and or/recommending us to others – it means we’re doing a good job!

How do you think Brexit/the Trump administration will affect local businesses if at all? And if you do think it could affect them, what strategies would you put in place to try to prevent it?
I don’t think anyone I have spoken to has mentioned any impact on their business or their plans for the future.

What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of starting a business?
Put together a comprehensive Business Plan using the support and advice of a business support professional.

What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of expanding a business?
Accurate costings for the investment that will be necessary to expand. Whether it is for capital assets or working capital. Accurate forecasting will ensure the right finance can be obtained at the right time.

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to sell a business?
Engage with a qualified firm who can advise, support and negotiate on your behalf.

What do you love most about your job?
The diverse nature of the businesses that I get to work with. The team at MSIF are great to work with too!

What networking events have you recently attended?
Quay Business Forum and Mersey Maritime.

Where would you recommend for a nice business breakfast/lunch/dinner?
City Wine Bar, Izakaya, Chiangmai Bistro.

Who was your last business lunch with?
Howard Fleming of Liverpool Vision

What do you get up to outside of work? 
Play football, pub quiz every Thursday; Captain a tennis team that plays in the Wirral Winter Tennis League, run around after my sons – spending plenty of time encouraging their favourite activities – filming, videoing, editing, photographing. My eldest son is having flying lessons, so a lot of time is spent at the airport.

What’s your poison?

Where’s your favourite holiday destination and why?
Not sure I have one, although we holidayed in West Cork last summer, which was an amazing place. Chilled, calming, beautiful, dramatic scenery and full of charming people. Will definitely return

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