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Shining the Spotlight on Emma Rogers

This week, we want to introduce you to the glue that holds MSIF together, Emma Rogers…!

Keep reading to find out more about her 20 years with the company, her favourite superhero and who makes the best brew in the office…

So tell us a little about yourself and what you do for MSIF?
Hi, I’m Emma and my role at MSIF is Investment Support Manager, which includes a lot of back office administration to support the Investment Managers. I also assist the Financial Controller with monthly and annual accounts.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The People – I have worked with so many interesting people and learnt so much from them. I also like the variety of different jobs I get to tackle.

So, you have worked for MSIF for nearly 20-years… what have you learnt and advice would you give to a growing business?
I have learnt that there is never a stupid question! Even if you think it is, it’s always better to ask then get the answer wrong. Advice for a growing business. Get Advice! Try and speak to people that have been where you are and take their knowledge on board.

How have you seen businesses change in your time?
The hospitality sector has gone from strength to strength over the last 20 years and it is nice to see so many independent restaurants/cafés and all the varying cuisines you can now enjoy in the city.

What would you like to see more of in the business community/local economy?
I would like to see more scale-up support for businesses looking to grow. We are very fortunate to have our Finance Hub who do an amazing job at helping a wide-scope of businesses achieve funding, but I would like to see more of that next level support readily available and inclusively accessible.

Now for the fun questions…

You have an unlimited amount of money (and time) to spend on a holiday… what do you do? Where do you go?
There are so many places I haven’t seen that I think a 6 months Round the World trip that includes a little bit of everything would be great.

What is your favourite tipple, superhero and TV programme?
Wine, wine and more wine!! I have to say Batman otherwise my daughter would never speak to me again. Sons of Anarchy, I was obsessed for the whole 7 series!

And finally, who makes the best cup of tea in the office?
Everyone makes a good cuppa but Elliot’s are the best and he probably makes the most!

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