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Shining the Spotlight on MSIF Investment Manager, Andy Jones

As we continue our weekly spotlight series, we sit down with MSIF Investment Manager, Andy Jones, to talk business, Tranmere Rovers and flying.

Please introduce yourself and what do you do for MSIF?
Hello, I’m Andy Jones, one of the team of Investment Managers. I joined MSIF in 2014 and my role is to work with businesses looking to grow and expand with funding needs up to £100,000.

Do you work with any particular businesses (or in any particular areas)?
The great thing about what I do is that there is a wide variety of businesses that I get to work with. All shapes and sizes and all at different stages of their time in business. I get to see lots of different industries also, which helps to inform on trends and issues facing them. Over the past 12 months I have developed close links within the Cheshire and Warrington sub region.

And what about your past experience?
I have worked with SME’s for the best part of 25 years predominantly around funding, however 10 of those years were spent working for Business Link which enabled me to look more holistically at each business. For the 3 years before joining MSIF I ran my own business, so I feel I am well placed to empathise and understand a lot of the challenges facing our customers.

You have a free weekend – what do you do?
I would book a 4 seater Piper Cherokee and get my eldest son Matt to fly myself, my wife and our other son Harry up to the Scottish Highlands. Having recently visited Loch Lomond and driven the 6 hours each way, flying has to be a better option!

What would you like to see more of in the business world?
Greater and more effective partnerships between the many Public and Private Sector companies that are in the business support arena. There is a lot of help out there but accessing it for the benefit of businesses can be a challenge. When collaboration does happen, SME’s, their owners and employees and ultimately the local economy benefits greatly.

Now, we’ve heard you’re a big Tranmere Rovers fan… any other sports you like?
Yes I have been a Rovers fan for 45 years, since attending my first game with my mum aged 5!! Both of my sons played football from a young age and I found myself as Coach, Manager, Kit Man, Secretary etc etc for a number of years!! I have played football myself for a lot of years.

My other passion sporting wise is tennis. I have been playing since I was about 10 and joined my local tennis club aged 12. I am still playing there regularly now, running one of the Winter League Teams and playing in all weathers!

What do you think a business needs to have to succeed?
The right people behind it with the drive, ambition, knowhow and motivation to plan and achieve their and the businesses goals and objectives. Not be afraid to make mistakes, but always willing to learn and be open to talking advice from experts. We can provide any funding required!!!

And finally, we heard you had a big birthday this year!... Tell us, how was your 21st Birthday?
My BIG birthday still has plenty of mileage in it, whilst it may have been over 4 months ago, there are still events planned to keep the celebrations going for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

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